Anonymous Programs for All Types of Alcoholic Thinking

“Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance”, William Clement Stone penned in one of his arguably famous self help books. In relay of this sentiment, the truth is reality. Yet the question that remains is if our actuality is ever parallel to reality? Think about it, it’s really more than uncommon nonsense. For many, perspective is quick to bolster opinion while shoving facts/truth into the shadows of unknowingness.       

In most cases we are quick to see/hear the things we want to. We all process things in our own way, often times struggling to understand that our viewpoint is not absolute. Every individual on this planet has a particular way they see life. No two individuals can look at the same thing through the same pair of eyes. The same goes for hearing, or any other senses really. If we could, maybe there’d be less war and famine. Maybe every member of the globe would have a mutual understanding of what it means to be alive. Maybe diseases like cancer or alcoholism wouldn’t exist.

Unfortunately, this pipe dream is impossible to conjure up. Diseases like addiction wreak global havoc in forms that most would never imagine due to lack of understanding. Too many ignore the truths of their alcoholic thinking from this incomprehension. They may fail to realize it’s manifestation doesn’t always show up through amphetamines or alcohol- it can be anything that we lasso our obsessions around. Because of this, they may deal with the powerlessness and unmanageability of something far longer than they should ever have to.

So conversely, for every addiction in existence, there is somebody that has been in those shoes already. Somebody that wrestled with apparitions of alcoholic thinking manifesting themselves in hidden silhouettes. For that reason there are 12 step groups and anonymous programs for all types of alcoholic thinking under the sun. Addiction holds no bounds for anyone, so we’re all just trying to make due with the form our disease shows up in.     

The Anonymity Solution

When it comes to anonymous programs of any sorts, we’ve all heard of Alcoholics Anonymous. These are self/group help meetings that have helped countless thousands of people struggling with alcoholic thinking- in the form of alcohol. However, although designed for the original intent of alcohol, Alcoholics Anonymous can be used for any form of addiction truly. It’s basis is the 12 steps, which can in turn be applied to any form of addiction. This is where anonymous programs for other types of alcoholic thinking comes in.  

These meetings can provide a sense of security from having others like yourself dealing with similar issues. We all need support from the debilitating gashes struck by the disease once it becomes who we are. Think of these anonymous programs as our first aid/support, whether we drink way too much or we have an obsession with putting the lotion on your skin.

All Types of Anonymous Programs

Whatever the secret to life is, everybody just wants to feel good. I mean what’s not to understand about that? So in conjunction with, we all look for different pleasures. Some of us take and leave those pleasures no problem. Others of us, the alcoholic thinkers, not so much. This is because we have a style of thinking always obsessing over some drug or another.   

A drug is really anything that gives us that pleasure feeling we’re chasing. Anything that produces the high that masks our truths/reality. A confidante of mine once exclaimed that after dropping alcohol/narcotics, the closest thing he felt to being high was eating tons of carbohydrates. It was his new drug and all he wanted to do was eat pasta all day long. That’s cross addiction for you though. He recognized this and made some adjustments, but the lesson learned was that we must remain mindful of our alcoholic thinking, as it will always find new channels if given the opportunity.  

Eating is just one of the many ways we can transfer our alcoholic thinking into a destructive passion. If this occurs, there are appropriate anonymous programs like Overeaters Anonymous or Food Addicts Anonymous that have helped countless numbers around the world with their woeful patterns. This includes anonymous programs for those that maintain difficulty eating. Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous meetings exist for those with such body dysmorphic ties of inescapable reasoning. A few other common examples of anonymous programs for all types of alcoholic thinking might include:

  • Workaholics Anonymous  
  • Gambling Anonymous
  • Cleptomaniacs and Shoplifters Anonymous.
  • Sexaholics Anonymous/Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
  • Online Gamers Anonymous

What’s Your Type?

These anonymous programs of all types are the truth/reality of the world; much more than opinion or perspective. With so many success stories, that many people couldn’t be wrong.  These are the things that people rely on to help balance they’re living patterns into that of something healthy. The power of the synergy that the fellowship holds is one of the best tools we can utilize in the fight against our demons.  

Nobody should be doomed to their neurotic style of thinking. Whether it is this, that or the other, alcoholic thinking will always run rampant in many forms. For anybody going through a tough time, chances are there is always an anonymous program out there for that type of struggle. If we can face our truths, the possibilities for eradicating our unhealthy rationales are endless.