Recovery Clothing Brands

Andre 3000, a snazzy dresser with a funky vibe, once sang “Ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m just so fresh and so fresh and so clean”. He was talking of course about his style and attire. Generally most people in our world follow some sort of fashionable trend or another at some or another.

Some individuals like to trend hop as they discover a diverse world of fashion mimicking celebrities, friends, and whatever happens to be “in” at the time. Others might have a particular style they stick with; a timeless look chosen to represent them exactly. Then there are some like myself who might not have a style per say, but end up looking like a different member of “The Village People” everyday. Whatever the appearance though, most of us put thought into our flair in some way or another. That is unless you’re in active addiction.     

Most of us in active addiction are powerless and unmanageable, as the first step of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous hints to. The key part to this is the unmanageability. Most of the time we are so caught up in all the other turmoil in our lives that any sort of elegance in our outward form is the least of our concerns. Who cares what you look like when you’re battling withdrawals everyday.

However, some of us enter sobriety and begin putting work into ourselves. I mean really putting in work, because that’s what recovery takes. The fog of chemical dependency then begins to settle from this proactivity, and we start discovering that our refound emotions are spawning new lifestyle decisions upstairs. The sober edge of recovery is allowing us to take in everything entirely differently: Music becomes more articulate, food tastes like reality, and hygiene fortunately(unfortunately) matters again. New life and new changes. So for many, it’s time for a new wardrobe as well. Out with the old and in with the new. In walks recovery clothing brands.  

Sobriety Statement

Understanding recovery clothing brands requires understanding marketing to an extent. If it is something that peaks the interest of others, it can be packaged up and sold. There’s always a supply and there’s always a demand. Through this ideology, the people of planet earth have found ways to market alcohol, tobacco, shoes, music, makeup, cannabis, everything- you name it. So with addiction numbers blooming dismally, it’s no wonder that there is a demand for recovery clothing brands.

Any piece of clothing you wear, regardless of what’s on it or what it looks like, it’s going to represent you as a person. We live in a censorious world where people see what they want to see. Sure eyes can be deceiving, but most of the time a spade is a spade. Wearing different recovery clothing brands is a great way to express your newfound sobriety satisfaction and your place in the world.   

Recovery Reveal

So filling all the newly vacant closet space requires shopping in one way or another. Now we can go on the hunt at all the local shopping bazaars- which could prove more burdensome than intended, OR we can just hop on the World Wide Web and get the ball rolling. Online is typically easier, faster, and there’s likely a larger selection of sober garment selling shops anyways.  

Browsing the internet will definitely help you come across more quality clothing stores than searching on foot. A few of the most well known recovery clothing brand websites include the likes of:

Starting with “Party Sober Clothing”, they’re a beloved company through their embodiment of the idea that recovery is never boring. We can party harder with much more belly aching laughter through sobriety than we ever could’ve with the death delivering intoxicants we used to keep in our diets. This foundation really puts some clever twists into their recovery oriented clothing line. You can’t help but feel cool wearing it, and can’t help but grin when seeing it.

Anonymous Apparel

Another crowd pleaser listed above is “Sober is Sexy Clothing”. This is a company that tends to go over really well with all the masses. Many enjoy their look because of the ever pleasing versatility. They take some clever existing ideas and play around with them, as well as putting other original concepts to the cloth too. Often they’ll take many of today’s popular trends, memes, or quotes, and pepper them with a clean theme. For instance, one shirt they have takes the famous slogan of “Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘N’ Roll”, and the part where it says “Drugs” is crossed out with a giant marker. How’s that not humorous?

Or if that’s not to your liking, “Doing It Sober” is a well reputed company that takes a more serious approach. Not only do they have other sobriety needs like coins, books, and other miscellaneous what not’s you might fancy, but they have a slew of recovery clothing brands specific for men and women. For our ladies out there, handbags are something you can keep an eye out for when you take your sneak peak online. For the fellas, there’s all types of hats and beanies to look forward to. It all just depends how you want to reflect your clean time. Maybe this style isn’t for everybody, but whatever your situation, it’s always nice to peruse the options that are out there awaiting us.